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Enhanced Security

We've added Web Service Security (WSS) support to our web platform, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality when exchanging information with web services.

Audio Integration

Developers can now effortlessly incorporate audio elements into their web applications, including background music, voice-overs, and interactive sound effects.

Permissions Manager for Mobile Apps

Users can now easily manage access control and enhance security.

New Type JSON Blocks

Developers can now work with JSON data for dynamic and flexible applications.

Integration of VAT and DUNS

Seamless inclusion of VAT and DUNS details in Workspace profiles and invoices, ensuring compliance and smooth financial transactions.

Optimized Performance

We've introduced STF mode for BP web apps, utilizing a single thread for processing operations to enhance efficiency and reduce latency.

What’s improved

  • Improved Server Stability: Customer projects have been migrated to highly stable servers, ensuring improved uptime and reliability for applications.
  • Improved App Schema: Optimized for performance, faster load times, and improved user experiences.
  • Streamlined Migrations: Changing variable types in models now only affects relevant variables, preserving data integrity without requiring unnecessary database resets.

What’s fixed

  • Fixed minor issues in mobile application components, enhancing functionality and user experience
  • Fixed an issue affecting application publication with custom domains
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